About David



Welcome to Official Translators. My name is David Ruiz, I'm a Spanish translator and I help individual users and companies doing official translations of any type of documents to and from Spanish.

I’m originally from Murcia, Spain, and I’m currently living in Torrevieja (Alicante, Spain), where I have been running since 2010 Torrevieja Translation, an interpreting translating business through which I assist people with their everyday Spanish issues.




As a “new-age entrepreneur”, I use technology to run my businesses, but especially to work with people and get connected with my clients.

I am the only one behind OfficialTranslators.net, but run a small team of Spanish translators to produce the official translations.

My team consists of a group of certified official translators and interpreters, fully qualified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The official translations that we produced are 100% legal, accurate, and stamped by the members of my team, who are licensed to do certified translations [check here the list of available languages].















Since 2010 I have been doing in-person interpretations and official / unofficial translations in the Costa Blanca South area, southeast Spain.

Before becoming an entrepreneur I used to work for private companies delevoping corporate software.

I spent five years in Peoria, Illinois (USA). In 2005 I graduated from Illinois Central College (Peoria, Illinois, USA) with an Associate in Applied Science in Computer Programming.

Years later, back in Spain in 2010, I was able to finish online my pending studies and graduated from Franklin University (Columbus, OH) with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.





• What goes around comes around. Therefore, it makes no sense to me cheating people (I couldn't do it even if I tried to).

• I will make sure every single official translation is done to perfection and properly delivered to you, or I won’t do it at all.

• I will not even try to translate something that goes beyond my team’s capabilities.

• I will never charge any money for an unfinished job. This is the only situation where I will give refunds, just if I can’t make it.

• I am responsible for my own mistakes. And, therefore, I’ll evaluate every possibility to fix them until I fix them.

• I am not responsible for my client’s mistakes. I’ll try to help as much as I can to help fixing the issue, but being clear in mind that it was not my fault.

• I will do everything I can to deliver urgent orders, even if I have to drive 10 hours (being emergency fees already predefined and paid).

• I don’t want to become an international corporation. Small size companies are good as well.

• I don’t want to create the illusion of the “market leader” on my Website . There are too many companies leading the market already. Nothing wrong in being a small company in the queue.

• I won’t produce any official translations that go against my principles.