About David

David Ruiz is a Spanish entrepreneur, and fully legal English / Spanish translator interpreter, who leads a group of highly qualified official translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sworn Translators) [read more]




Since 2010 I have been doing in-person interpretations and official / unofficial translations in the Costa Blanca South area, southeast Spain.

Before becoming an entrepreneur I used to work for private companies delevoping corporate software.

I spent five years in Peoria, Illinois (USA). In 2005 I graduated from Illinois Central College (Peoria, Illinois, USA) with an Associate in Applied Science in Computer Programming.

Years later, back in Spain in 2010, I was able to finish online my pending studies and graduated from Franklin University (Columbus, OH) with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.





• What goes around comes around. Therefore, it makes no sense to me cheating people (I couldn't do it even if I tried to).

• I will make sure every single official translation is done to perfection and properly delivered to you, or I won’t do it at all.

• I will not even try to translate something that goes beyond my team’s capabilities.

• I will never charge any money for an unfinished job. This is the only situation where I will give refunds, just if I can’t make it.

• I am responsible for my own mistakes. And, therefore, I’ll evaluate every possibility to fix them until I fix them.

• I am not responsible for my client’s mistakes. I’ll try to help as much as I can to help fixing the issue, but being clear in mind that it was not my fault.

• I will do everything I can to deliver urgent orders, even if I have to drive 10 hours (being emergency fees already predefined and paid).

• I don’t want to become an international corporation. Small size companies are good as well.

• I don’t want to create the illusion of the “market leader” on my Website . There are too many companies leading the market already. Nothing wrong in being a small company in the queue.

• I won’t produce any official translations that go against my principles.