About Us

We are a fully legal Spanish translation agency, who leads a group of highly qualified team of official translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sworn Translators) [read more]

Nicole Webb: Project manager

David Ruiz: CEO / Founder

Pedro Monreal: Founder / English Spanish official translator



Professional background

Back in year 2010, we created Torrevieja Translation, an interpreting translation agency that turned a relocation agency.

During the journey, we realized that many clients needed official translations for their Spanish residency applications, visas, or for many other procedures where stamped and certified official translations are required. 

Therefore, we created Official Translators.Net with the best team of official translators fully certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

We don't work using:

  • Google Translate.
  • Facebook anonymous people who claim to be bilingual.
  • The friend of the friend of the friend who spent the summer somewhere and learned a bit of whatever language. 

Our team is world class, legal, and licensed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We can't tell you the kind of projects we have done because it's confidential, but our projects have been used at government procedures, court, medical, immigration, tax, inheritance, software development, strategical guides... the list goes on and one.



Mission statement


• What goes around comes around. Therefore, it makes no sense to us cheating people (we couldn't do it even if I tried to).

• We will make sure every single official translation is done to perfection and properly delivered to you, or we won’t do it at all.

• We will not even try to propose my team a project that goes beyond our team’s capabilities.

• We will never charge any money for an unfinished job. This is the only situation where we will give refunds, just if we can’t make it.

• We are responsible for our own mistakes. And, therefore, we will evaluate every possibility to fix them until we fix them.

• We are not responsible for our client’s mistakes. We will try to help as much as we can to help fixing the issue, but being clear in mind that it was not our fault.

• We will do everything we can to deliver urgent orders, even if we have to drive 10 hours (being emergency fees already predefined and paid).

• We don’t want to become an international corporation. Small size companies are good as well.

• We don’t want to create the illusion of the “market leader” on our Website . There are too many companies leading the market already. Nothing wrong in being a small company in the queue.

• We won’t produce any official translations that go against our principles.